driving lesson questions


This page is to answer all your driving lesson questions please leave a comment at the bottom of the page if you have any questions that are not answered here

Theory test questions

Do i have to pass my theory test before starting driving lessons?

No. You can do your theory test whenever you want in the learning process.

How long is the theory test valid for?

The theory test is valid for two years from passing the theory test. If you dont pass your practical driving test in this time you will have to re-sit the theory test.

Driving lesson questions

What do i need to start driving lessons?

You need to be 17 (16 if you are on the higher rate of disability) or older and hold a valid provisional driving license and be a resident of the UK#

Does a provisional driving license run out?

Yes. On a photo card license (provisional or full) you have to renew the picture every ten years

How many hours will i require?

This depends on many factors the DSA’s published national average is 47 hours with 20 hours private practice (our average is between 35 and 40 without private practice). Remember this is an average and it may take you less or more hours to sit and pass the driving test. Also remember it is in our best interest to get you through your test as quickly as possible to maintain our reputation therefor we monitor all our instructors pass rates and average lessons to ensure they are within our standards.
  • If you have had no lessons before the you should allow 40 hours
  • If you have had 10 hours of training you should allow for another 30 hours
  • If you have had 15 hours of training you should allow for another 25 hours
  • If you’ve had 20 hours of training you should plan on another twenty hours
  • If you have sat a test before you should allow yourself at least 10 hours of extra training

Intensive driving lessons questions

How do intensive courses work?

You can take an intensive course with CAS Driver Training over 3 to 6 weeks

How many hours will i require?

This question is answered in the driving lessons questions.

If i pay for too many lessons on my course can i get a refund?

Yes but we have to charge a £20 admin fee. You will be refunded the owed hours at the discounted hourly rate minus the admin fee. Please note that allot of driving schools do not offer refunds.

Can i pass three weeks from today?

Unfortunately we are limited by the DSA waiting times for a practical test on this matter. So it depends on the current waiting list time of the test center you wish to do your test. Most of the time we will book your test as soon as possible and you will start your intensive course three weeks before the test date or alternatively you can spread your lessons out between now and the test date. Please note this is usually the same with every driving school that offers intensive courses. There is also an average waiting time of two weeks for theory tests again we have no control over thisWe also offer a cancellation service for a small fee which we can move your test to an earlier date if a cancellation comes up meaning you could get a test earlier

Driving test questions

Do i have to do my theory test first

Yes you must have passed your theory test less than two years ago to sit a practical driving test.

How long does the driving test last?

The practical driving test lasts about 40 minutes

What is involved in the driving test?

On the day of your driving test you will usually do an hour lesson before the test to prepare you then you will drive to the test centre. You will wait with your instructor in the waiting room until the examiner comes out and calls your name. The examiner will then check both parts of your driving liscence and ask you to sign a decleration saying you are insured to the car you will be driving (You can be confident signing this as your instructors car is insured for any driver). The examiner will then ask you
  • Do you want your instructor to come with you on the test
  • Do you want your instructor to hear the result at the end of the test