online driving lessons

The CAS Online Training Programme

The CAS OT programme has been designed specifically for CAS students and comes as standard when you start with CAS Driver Training. The whole system was designed and built by CAS instructors to assure accuracy and implementation of CAS teaching methods which all our instructors are highly trained to use. The OT programme is a series of 27 online lessons split into 4 modules which are:
  • Control
  • Manoeuvres
  • Junctions
  • Forward planning

Each lesson consists of a flash animation which acts as the briefing and a video demonstration which shows the manoeuvre in practice. Although there is 27 lessons this doesn’t mean the student will require 27 lessons to learn the content.

This programme was originally developed to simply replace the briefing and demonstration at the start of the lesson meaning the instructor would just ask a few questions at the start of the lesson to make sure the student understood the content this would therefore give the student more driving time on their lesson. But when we put the OT programme through the testing phases we found students looking at other lessons in the programme this resulted in students learning at a much accelerated rate with some students sitting and passing there test within half the amount of lessons of the national average.

Although we cannot guarantee you will pass quicker using the OT programme the results from students regularly using the system speaks for itself.

This is the first fully integrated online driver training programme in the UK.

So why go elsewhere when you can be one off the first to join the revolution in driver training.